Reevive is your online fundraising space. This is where you run an online campaign dedicated to your choice of social cause. You can Post a campaign for a cause

and it will be shown to the visiter to our website and would get help and the needfull.

Reevive is an initiative by Cancer Charity Trust to take that extra step forward towards helping the most deserving and needy patients that need your help in their fight against cancer. It’s an online platform that ensures the greatest transparency in handling your money to help the patients in the best possible way.
All patients included on the website are patients taking treatment in the general (subsidized) category Tata Memorial Hospital, a reputed cancer institute of the country. Patients are screened by our expert panel of doctors, who are renowned oncologists, working in close association with doctors from Tata Memorial Hospital. Each patient is presented as a campaign. Since cancer treatment is a time bound and resource intensive treatment, we cannot have an unlimited time frame. So, each campaign has a target amount to be raised in the specified time limit, based on the clinical requirements of the patient. We also screen the patients own contribution and that made by other organizations, which is represented by the coloured bar. Our endeavor is to get every patient that registers a campaign on Reevive to get the required help to reach his target requirement in the specified time limit. How do I give?
There are several ways you can Give: 1) You can directly donate to a particular Reevive campaign, the patient whose story you can identify with or who you think deserves your help the most. You can give an amount of your choice, or give for a part of the treatment like a cycle of chemotherapy or a day’s medicines, or you can just share the story and ask your friends, your family and anyone who you think can help, to give for that Reevive campaign.
The treatment of Cancer is resource-intensive, however the voluminous nature of expenses for treatment of Cancer sought out by those in need, cannot undermine the nobility behind the smallest of donations, and Reevive strongly believes in that. We offer you to give the smallest amounts and know exactly what can it be used for in each patient’s case and requirement.
This avenue is to respect the most generous and committed to the cause of Reevive. Essentially, under this avenue, the giver pledges Rs. 1000/- a month, each day, to the cause of Reevive. The donations shall be equally divided amongst all the patients on the Reevive platform. Thus, this Rs. 1000 pledge shall act as the backbone of the initiative, thereby offering each patient an equal chance to seek out donations. At Reevive, the intention is to create an army of the Rs. 1000 Pledgers.
No. There are no profits retained on the donations received by Reevive.Every single rupee donated on the Reevive Platform will reach the patients. The entire cost of creating an efficient donor database, patient screening, maintenance of the website and assists in patient show-casing will be borne by the trustees.
No. There are no charges/ fees/ profits retained by Reevive.
Yes. Givers may use Debit/ Credit and Net banking facilities for giving once. Pledgers can pledge using their credit card facility. Techprocess is the trusted and secured payment gateway provider.
Yes. Please find the 80-G certificate here
Cancer Charity Trust was established in January 2013 with an objective to alleviate the situation of those stricken by Cancer and are financially constrained to fend for themselves through the extensive treatment. The aim is to act as support system, to those who need it the most and are otherwise suffering without it. The trustees include some of the most reputed doctors and oncologists in the city.
We see it as our responsibility to ensure the greatest possible transparency. Once the campaign reaches the closure date, the entire amount generated is transferred to the Tata Memorial Hospital account of the patient, which can only be used by the unique smart card to pay for the treatment of that particular patient. The receipt received will be displayed on the Completed Campaign page. We will also keep a track of the patients and ensure that you get an update of the patient when he completes his treatment. We will also ensure that the success stories of these patients will be posted from time to time. We want to let these patients feel that they have a family outside their immediate family and we will give them the opportunity to connect with the Reevive family from time to time.