REEVIVE is a unique crowd-funding platform

for Cancer Patients

Cancer Charity Trust (CCT) was founded in 2013 by a reputed oncologist and a philanthropist, in collaboration with the Tata Memorial hospital with the aim to financially support under-resourced patients and their family in improving quality of life by accessing treatment for Cancer.

With the widespread prevalence of Cancer and a shocking number of people unable to access care, CCT launched an online platform “Reevive” in 2018 with the aim to bridge the gap between supporters, donors and patients in a hassle-free, transparent, and impactful way.

Access to treatment enables every human being’s right to survival and quality of life.

Team Reevive

Dr. Sanket Mehta
Cancer Surgeon - Head of Department of Peritoneal Surface Oncology Saifee Hospital
Raj Shah
Real Estate Developer/ Entrepreneur
Riddhi Shah